Row Index in multi row variable sets changes on every update of variables on sc_req_item


Whenever updating variables on the RITM, Ron Index field on the "sc_multi_row_question_answer" is getting updated with new value.

Steps tor Reproduce:

1. Add MultiRow variable set on Catalog Item
2. Submit request for that item
3. Open 'sc_req_item' table in backend
4. Search for the newly created RITM

5. Open 'sc_multi_row_question_answer' table in new tab and filter with parent as above RITM (Make a NOTE of RowIndex field)
6. Now make changes in any variables on RITM 
7. Refresh  'sc_multi_row_question_answer' list and see value is changed


This is expected behaviour.


This is expected behaviour.
In the backend we recreate the rows when RITM variables are updated.

Since this code is written in backend (java code), it is not possible to customise or alter the behaviour. In short, it's not defined in any business rule or script include.