Inconsistent behaviour in export of comments to Jira


SN work notes added as an independent update, not showing anything about the Commentator on the Jira side.

17-12-2021 08:47:07 - Story created on SN, including a Work Note. On the Jira side, this shows the SN user's Name
17-12-2021 08:47:54 - Work Note added to existing Story on SN. On the Jira side, no information about the SN user

Why is the line for example "17-12-2021 08:47:07 - Abel Tuter (admin) (Work notes)" added to the payload sent to Jira for the first case, and not an equivalent for the second?

17-12-2021 08:49:50 - Comment added to existing Story on Jira. On the SN side, this shows the Jira user's Username

Why does the line "Updated by: 0351043" get added to the Work Note, rather than the something which uses displayName? (Which would give "Updated by: Abel Tuter")

Steps to Reproduce

1. Navigate to "Agile Development > Stories" and select [New]
2. Enter values: Release = "Xatu", Assignment group = "ServiceNow Atlassian Development Integration", Sort description = "Work notes test", Work notes = "Entered on create"
3. Select [Save]

Produces following comment on Jira:
snagile.jirasrv added a comment - Just now
21-12-2021 14:44:59 - Abel Tuter Whettlock (admin) (Work notes)
Entered on create

... wait a minute, so we can distinguish between flow executions ...

4. Enter value: Work notes = "Entered on update"
5. Select [Save]

Produces following comment on Jira:
abel.tuter added a comment - Just now
Entered on update


Script Include : JiraExportUtils
Comment out code from line number 24 to 32 and add following :
inputs['last_work_notes'] = sourceGr.work_notes.getJournalEntry(1);

Please see attached image (code changes.png) for more clarity.


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