Brocade switches are being discovered using IP Switch Class during Discovery


Brocade switch with SnmpObjectId as "" belongs to the Backup and Storage class.

During Horizontal Discovery, these switches are getting discovered in the IP Switch Class instead of the IT Backup and Storage custom class within a custom table called "u_custom_table".


The SNMP OID of the Brocade device "" corresponds to the "Standard Network Switch" Classifier with the "Brocade" manufacturer. The table value has been updated to custom IT Backup and Storage from IP Switch.

Based on the above OID classification the device is classified as "Switch", which is classified and expected behaviour from OOB Discovery of this device.

From SNMP - Classify: Input payload which is received, could see below OID is probed.

<system oid="">
<sysName oid="" type="SnmpOctetString">sa-biblade01slotc1</sysName>
<sysDescr oid="" type="SnmpOctetString">Fibre Channel Switch.</sysDescr>
<sysObjectID oid="" type="SnmpObjectId">.</sysObjectID>


  1. Out Of Box: (To add details to 'IP Switch' table):

You can classify the Brocade switch OOB by creating an SNMP OID record and mapping it to the "standard network switch" classifier.

    1. Discovery Definition > CI Classification > SNMP System OIDs > New
    2. Classifier field should be: Standard Network Switch
    3. The table field should be: IP Switch
    4. Operator field should be: is
    5. Add the Manufacturer and Model
    6. OID should be the one we found in the SNMP probe input record:

  1. Customization: (To add details to 'IT Backup & Storage' custom table):
    Since, to add the device to a custom table, then need to create a new classifier and then add a customized SNMP OID entry as mentioned in the part above. The below example is on creating a custom classifier and discovering a device that cannot be discovered OOB.

    Need to run through the steps highlighted in the video below to create an SNMP classifier for this device:

    If we google for this SnmpObjectId, it lists as a Brocade device: