Linking of epic and state fields are not working while export of Story to JIRA


On upgrade to Rome, Export of Parent Chlld relation is failing with below error in flow designer sub flow : Sync additional attributes of Jira Issue


Steps to Reproduce

Go to Agile Jira Integration module and create jira Instance
Discover projects and create Team Integration settings for any of the project and import issues.
Go to any story and try to update/link the epic field value.
Observe that the same is not syncing in JIRA.
Try to update the state field to either 'Draft/ Work In Progress/ Complete' for the story and observe that the same is not reflecting in JIRA

PFA for more details.


navigate to Script include : sn_jira_int.JiraIntegrationUtils

navigate to function : getAPIVersion 

Convert the return type to String as show in below image (changes underlined)

Related Problem: PRB1540849