"Attachment does not exist or user does not have read permission on attachment" Error when using IntegrationHub 'Copy Attachments To SFTP Server'


You might see this error when trying to use the SFTP Step 'Copy Attachments To SFTP Server' method from the SFTP Step (https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/rome-servicenow-platform/page/administer/flow-designer/reference/copy-files-sftp-server.html):

[{"attachment_name":"","error":"Attachment does not exist or user does not have read permission on attachment with sysid 3478ce602ffb3010c123f3ecf728b6b","attachment_sys_id":"8765ce602ffb9061c550f3ecf346b6ba"}]

Release or Environment

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The MID server being used for the SFTP Step Action does not have access to read the attachment you are trying to copy to the SFTP server


You'll need to give the user that the MID server connects to the instance as sufficient roles to access the attachment(s) you're trying to send to the SFTP server. Refer to these instructions:


Note that if granting a role to an existing MID server user (where the MID is already up and running) you will need to restart the MID server after granting it the new role.

Also, some customers have found they need to give the MID server user itil or admin roles in order to give it access to attachments associated with record types such as incident.