Record producer is not showing up top in the list in Service Portal Page


The Record Producer is not showing up top in the list when searched using Service Portal

1. Login to the instance 

2. Navigate to Service Portal Page


Search with 'name' and it shows knowledge article in top of the list but, the requirement is to show Record Producer

Release or Environment



To achieve this, we need to create a 'Result Improvement Rule' and an associated 'Boost Action'

Result Improvement Rule

1. Navigate to AI Search -> Search Profiles

2. Open the search profile. The default is 'Service Portal Default Search Profile'

Navigate to the Result Improvement Rule tab and create as per the screenshot below

Once the Result Improvement Rule is created, create a boost action

Now, go back to the search profiles and publish it. You can now navigate to service portal and search with 'name' and the record producer should display top in the list

Additional Information

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