The "Entered benefit" for Monetary Benefit Plans is not updating to the "Total planned benefit"


When updating the "Entered benefit" Field on your Monetary Benefit Plans you are seeing that this is not updating into the "Total planned benefit" Field as expected.

Additionally if you check the Monetary Benefit Plan Breakdowns you will see that these are not being updated with the "Entered benefit" Values either.


This is most likely the expected System Behaviour depending on the Monetary Benefit Plan configurations.


The "Entered benefit" Field will only get distributed to the Breakdowns (and "Total planned benefit") for the Current Month and the Future Months.

This is done by design and therefore if you have a Monetary Benefit Plan which is acting on Past Dates then we do not expect the "Total planned benefit" Field to be updated.


Please ensure you are creating the Monetary Benefit Plans to cover the Current Month and Future Months if you are wanting to see the "Total planned benefit" Field get updated.