Now Support Maintenance Center: How to access and manage communications


Introducing the Maintenance Center on Now Support

The Maintenance Center is a dedicated place for you to view, track, and engage with your maintenance communications on the Now Support portal homepage. Previously only available in email, all of your maintenance communications will be accessible from a single location. Note: the Maintenance Center will go live for regulated markets in early December.

This update allows you to: 

This video provides an overview of the Maintenance Center and how to manage your communications:

How to view maintenance communications on Now Support

You'll notice a new section in the bottom right corner of your homepage called Maintenance Center. You can access your communications records here, or through Tasks and Notifications on the top of the page. 

The Maintenance Center will display: 

***Important: Please note that patching and upgrades records are no longer available from the Instances drop-down menu.

Navigating the Maintenance Center page

From the maintenance Center page, you will be able to see all patching and upgrades and all maintenance and advisory communications, in addition to any related records. Note that: