Hide Completed Stories in Sprint Planning view


How to hide Stories in Completed stated in the Sprint when looking in the Sprint Planning view.


Hiding the Completed Stories in Sprint Planning is possible through customizing the 'SprintPlanningMetaDataService' Script Include, however, one point to remember is that the total points on the sprint may not match the list of stories shown if completed ones are hidden.

Please note: The requirement you are trying to achieve is total customization which falls out of scope for Support. We would not be able to assist you in amending your customizations. We would only be able to help you with the OOB logic driven by the field on the form.

On Lines 19 and 37 add the following code, respectively:

LINE 18: var sprintChoices = AgileBoardMetaDataCommonUtil.getSprintChoices();

LINE 19:

 var scrumSprint = new ScrumSprint();
 var completedStates = scrumSprint._getCompletedStates();
 var excludeCompletedQuery;
 if (JSUtil.notNil(completedStates))
  excludeCompletedQuery =  '^stateNOT IN' + completedStates;

LINE 35: query += '^assignment_group=' + groupId;

LINE 36: }
LINE 37: 

  if (JSUtil.notNil(excludeCompletedQuery)) {
   query += excludeCompletedQuery; 

Additional Information

* Please see attached XML for reference.

* The Script Include attachment was tried and tested in the Quebec release.