Predictive Intelligence - predicting wrong value for a small percentage of time - this is expected behavior


Predictive Intelligence predicting wrong assignment group for PI Classification definition : Incident Assignment


This is expected behavior. The precision on your trained classification will provide you the percentage accuracy for predictions for your trained solution.

Based on the solution statistics the precision and coverage will be found in the customers trained solution. If you open the trained solution and open the Solution Statistics tab, you will find the information.

Here is a note in the documentation :

Note: Machine learning solutions will rarely be 100% precise. The goal is for the machine learning
model to be correct more than human agents. Models with a precision higher than 70%
and coverage higher than 80% are typically more effective than human agents doing the same

Here is the full documentation for tuning Predictive Intelligence :

So based on the documentation this is expected behavior as machine learning solution will rarely be 100% precise