Unable to install/update an application customization on Production


Unable to install/update an application customization on a production instance if there is a newer base version of the app that is not installed on any sub-prod instances.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Install an older version of a store application that allows app customization on sub-prod and production instances.
Eg: Workplace Reservation Management at version 1.8.5 (new version is 1.9.7)

On Sub-Prod instance:
2. Create an application customization for the app in Studio.
3. Add some changes to the app (eg: table, fields, BR, etc).
4. Publish the customized version of the app to application repository at version 1.0.0

On Production instance:
5. Navigate to System Applications > All and search for the app (Workplace Reservation Management)
6. Select the Customized Version as "1.0.0 [Based on 1.8.5]" and the Base Version as "1.8.5"
7. Click "Update".

Expected: The customized version of the app is installed on Production instance.
Actual: The install does not trigger as the "Update" button on the page doesn't work.


1. Upgrade the store application to the latest version (1.9.7) on a sub-prod instance.
2. Install application customization version (1.0.0) for the app on production.

Related Problem: PRB1536634