Icinga connector - Icinga2Events_JS - ReferenceError: "status" is not defined


The aim of this KB is to address 2 issues in Icinga2Events_JS MID Server Script Include

1. in lines 554 to 574 status is called but it is not defined
2. in 497 to 500, we are not checking timestamp.length, and it crashed if timestamp.length < 10)

This will lead to error observer in MID server logs (debug):
Worker-Interactive:ConnectorProbe-71e5c3ce1b8b781005df411acd4bcb4e *** Script: ReferenceError: "status" is not defined.

Steps to Reproduce

Icinga can't be forced to return the responsebody, which breaks the script but can use icinga API and return a response body containing only a timestamp that doesn't include "." character.


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