Troubleshooting Guide for Intermittent issues in Agent Chat and AWA

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We often come across intermittent issues with Agent Chat and Advanced work assignments. This Knowledge article is designed to give guidance to Support and customer to provide correct information at right time in order to narrow down issues quicker. 

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Common questions in all types of Intermittent issues

1. Browser-related questions:- 

2. The Network-related questions:- 

3. Connectivity Issues:- 

4. User-specific Questions:- 

5. How to store HAR files:-

Additional information can be found here:- KB0655923 - Gathering network information for an Intermittent Issue

AMB Messages are extremely important in HAR files at times. So better to follow as per the below screenshots. 


Agent Chat

1. Messages are lost or disappearing

Please ask a couple of questions listed below to narrow down this issue further. 

Known Issues:- 

2. Agents are not able to accept chat OR when an agent accepts chat, accept or reject button greyed out 

Known Issues? 

Please ask the following questions to narrow down this issue further. 

3. Work items do not appear in the inbox of Agents. 

Known Issues:- 

Agent Notifications

1. Inbox notification

2. Browser notification

3. Audio notification


Flow Diagram