Duplicate record of the relation "cmdb_ci_logical_datacenter(child type) Hosted on:Hosts cmdb_ci_cmp_resource(parent type)" created in cmdb_metadata_hosting table




Steps to Reproduce

in an instance which has a build of Quebec install patterns
navigate to cmdb_metadata_hosting table
observe that there are two records of :-
cmdb_ci_logical_datacenter Hosted on::Hosts cmdb_ci_cmp_resource

One of the record is created by CPG(sysID->91138c189f30320048111f80a57fcf7e) and the other created by Patterns(sysID:-75df162e670133002d1b027e2685efc7) team.


cmdb_metadata_hosting table contains duplicate records for cmdb_ci_logical_datacenter and cmdb_ci_cmp_resource.

Follow the one of the step:

1. either Manually Delete the disocvery and service mapping application scope record

2. import the attached file in cmdb_metadata_hosting.


Related Problem: PRB1455681