Data Loss or Corruption on non - production/Sub Production instances


Data Loss/Corruption on Production instances should be raised to ServiceNow Technical support and we have standard operating procedures to assist you in recovering the data based on individual cases. More details can be found on this KB

If the Data Loss/ Corruption happens on a non - prod/Sub Production instance, we have various Self Service driven options to recover the Corrupted/Deleted Data and ServiceNow tech support have limited scope with this.

Please make sure to save your Development work before this. Save an update set as a local XML file


1. Initiated clone before saving the development work.

Rollback Clone and then Backup the data and perform the Clone again.

Before the Clone completion, ServiceNow take a differential backup and store this for 6 days ( Similar to a Daily backup). So Clone Rollback will only work for 6 days. Initiating the clone rollback will restore the Backup taken during clone to bring the instance to a pre-clone state.

More information of this is available in Clone FAQ

If Clone Rollback is not an option, please proceed with the options discussed in the Scenarios 3 and 4


2. Accidental upgrade of a SUB PROD instance

Downgrade of an instance is not an option for any instances. If the instance is a SUB PROD instance, it can be cloned/Restores over from PROD/instance which is of lower version and that will make sue post Clone/Restore automation the target instance will match the same version of Source instance.

Please proceed with the options discussed in the Scenarios 3 and 4

You have an option to set reminders on your instance for upgrade Details are in the KB How to notify upcoming upgrade on your P+instance


3. Accidental deletion of data from UI on a non - production instance

4. Accidental deletion/corruption of data by Script execution a non - production instance

ServiceNow do not have a sparse Backup/Restore at the moment ( Table wise backup/restore).

Data Deletion/Corruption can have cascade effects and reference deletions/updating triggered and it is not just a single table affected in most of the cases.

The only option is to Restore the instance completely to another non prod instance and recover the data.

Restore an instance with the Now Support Service Catalog
This Service Catalogue will list the backups available . There should be 6 Daily backups and 4 weekly backups.

More information on the Backups and Retention is covered in this white-paper (Page 17): Delivering Performance, Scalability, and Availability on The Servicenow Cloud
Our backup policy is available in the following Knowledge Article: Instance Backup and Recovery

The target instance can be any non-prod instance. If you do not have a non - production instance to spare; please work with your ServiceNow Account representatives for getting another instance temporarily for this purpose and select this instance as the target instance to initiate the Restore