Is it a good idea to Delete/Merge user accounts?


We have two different users within the system used by one user. Is it okay for us to delete one of these accounts or is there a way to merge these accounts?

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There isn't a methodology to merge accounts so any attempt at doing this would involve a lot of manual workMerging accounts is generally not a good idea due to historical data and the volume of tables that could reference the account

Please consider the following:

 -> In an instance, each table has sys_created_by and sys_updated_by fields. These will contain the user id of the user who created or last updated the record. You would need to check every record in every table to ensure that the user is updated with the final merged user when they were created or updated by the user you wish to merge
-> The sys_user table is referenced also by many tables. You would also need to check every table which references the user and update it to be the correct user
-> If the table is audited the audit data would also need to be manipulated

It is a common scenario where a user gets married and changes their name. In this scenario, we would advise to create a new account for the user and deactivate the previous account
This would always be the recommended approach before looking at merging /deleting a user