Email notification does not complete and stays In Progress if user Email Id is not set


If the recipient user does not have an email address or has notifications disabled in their profile, their Email Id is not set, then the notification step will not be completed, but will always be In Progress.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Login as instance admin.

2. If the instance is domain separated, create a domain, test user, and group.

3. Set Discovery in any of the domains, or in global if not domain separated.

4. Create any ARM/CFT catalog with lease operation.

5. Provision Catalog.

The lease operation shows work in progress because the domain user does not have an email ID set, so the notification step can not be completed.


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The workaround is to ensure the users have email properties defined in assigned_to and owned_by:



Once the user record is edited for any user which is asigned_to or owned_by in the CI, the steps can be retried and the issue should be fixed.

Related Problem: PRB1422658