Unable to delete Reconciliation Rules from CI Class Manager


When using the CI Class Manager to edit/delete the reconciliation rules, we are not able to successfully delete them nor deactivate them.

* It says that it was deleted successfully but it appears back again. 

Release or Environment

All release.


Usually, when we create reconciliation rules it will create records in the following two tables:

If the record is not present in the "cmdb_reconciliation_definition_mapping" table but it is present in "cmdb_reconciliation_definition" table then deleting or deactivating will not work from the CI Class Manager.


To resolve this you will have to delete the record from the "cmdb_reconciliation_definition" table and create the reconciliation rules again.

- This should now create the records in both "cmdb_reconciliation_definition" and "cmdb_reconciliation_definition_mapping" table.