[Slack] NOW Virtual Agent bot app installation failure with error code 9

Identify installation error 9

  1. Activating the "Conversational Integration with Slack" plugin will allow users to integrate "NOW Virtual Agent" bot app with Slack.
  2. On the "Messaging Apps Integration" page when user clicks on the "Install" button next to Slack he is redirected to the slack workspace signin page.
  3. User enters the target workspace name & authenticates his account with slack & is asked to click on "Allow" button for bot installation.
  4. If after clicking on "Allow" button below error page is displayed with error code=9, it is because the user does not have the "admin" role assigned on the target workspace.
  5. User can check whether he has the "admin" role or not by logging in to the target workspace on Slack (desktop app or browser) & under "Direct Messages" click on his on name which will open a chat window. There user can type & run the "/verify" command and it will output what role he has on that workspace.


Please follow the doc to know more about "Conversational Integration with Slack" plugin.
Here is the link to the store app for "Conversational Integration with Slack" plugin.

Required Roles - For the user who is performing the installation:

Servicenow: (virtual_agent_admin and external_app_install_admin) or admin.
Slack: "admin" role assigned on the target workspace.

How to resolve the above error

Here is the Slack article link that will help to add required role for the user. Once the user is assigned one of the above role, he will be able to install/override the "NOW Virtual Agent" bot app using Slack.