Inbox audio and desktop alert are delayed when the Agent Workspace browser tab has been out of focus for 5 minutes or more


The Chrome and Edge web browsers have internal logic, intended to save energy, which can reduce timer-triggered event handling to once-per-minute on a browser tab it that tab is out of focus for at least five minutes.

In environments where agents intermittently handle work offered via Advanced Work Assignment on Agent Workspace, an agent may habitually switch to other browser tabs to do other work after making themselves available. In this scenario, if the Agent Workspace tab is out of focus for too long, the throttling can lead to delayed notifications for new inbox items.

The delays may be anywhere from a few seconds to a minute. If the assignment rule includes a timeout, then this can result in the item seeming to disappear from the agent's inbox too early, or in some cases never showing up at all if the delay is longer than the timeout.

Release or Environment

The issue affects all releases with Advanced Work Assignment, and is known to occur in the Chrome and Edge browsers.


Both Chrome and Edge browsers have a flag named "#intensive-wake-up-throttling" that is active by default in recent released. It reduces the activity of browser tabs that have not been visited for five minutes, leading to delayed inbox alerts and the symptoms described above.


The #intensive-wake-up-throttling flag can be turned off by doing the following:

On Chrome browser:

1) Visit chrome://flags/#intensive-wake-up-throttling
2) The first listed flag should match this name. Change that flag from "Default" to "Disabled"
3) Restart the browser as prompted

On Edge browser:

1) Visit edge://flags/#intensive-wake-up-throttling
2) The first listed flag should match this name. Change that flag from "Default" to "Disabled"
3) Restart the browser as prompted


In the newer versions of Chrome and Edge, the flag is not visible by default. You must enable the "Temporarily unexpire M95 flags" first and then restart the browser to make it visible again. Please see the links below to open the flag on Edge and Chrome.