Installing App Engine Studio App


This Article is going to be going over how to install the App Engine Studio app from the Fed Store


If the user is upgrading from any Version to Quebec, they will have the ability to install the App Engine Studio app. Below are the steps that they will need to take to install it.


1) They will need to talk to the Sales team or just ping their Account Executive because they will need to purchase licenses for this app.

2) Once they have purchased this, in the Store, they will need to Opt-In and Manage Entitlement so they can install this app on the instances 

3) This App does have a few app dependencies that they will need to opt into:


They will not be able to install App Engine Studio until they Opt into all of these inside of the store as well. You can see the apps that are installed when installing App Engine Studio below:


4) Once all of these dependencies are enabled and the instances are all entitled to them, you will be able to go into your instance and install the App Engine Studio

Additional Information

Just to note, you will need to be on Version Quebec Patch 1 or later.


This KB has been created because of the trouble that has been seen where a customer did not know that about the other dependencies. Once they opted into the dependencies, things worked as expected