Audio notification doesn't come through for first chat when the browser tab is out of focus


User sets the Agent workspace Inbox to available and minimizes the tab or navigates to another tab.

The first chat that is assigned does not make an audio alert. It notifies when the browser is opened back again.
The consequent chats work as expected.

Steps to Reproduce

Reproducible OOB
Go to Paris/Quebec instance
empmnuthalapatiq can be used for testing
In a browser impersonate as an Agent (David Loo)
Go to Agent Workspace and set yourself Available
Minimize this tab or navigate to another tab
In another session impersonate end-user
Navigate to /sp and initiate a chat
Observe that audio alert when chat is in Inbox is missed

Now open the minimized tab and observe the sound alert now.

Repeat the same steps again and observe the sound works as expected for the next chats.

Reproducible even in Paris OOB - empmnuthalapatip


Two records are attached as a workaround , which include a db_audio record with a short, silent mp3 file, and a UI script that runs when workspace loads and plays that audio file every 10 seconds.

Upload these two records to the affected instance, this should resolve issue or at least reduced for some of the most-affected agents.


- There is limitation to script attached, it only triggers when there is a form open in Agent workspace. Refer to KB0995212 for additional resolution


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