Undelete with related record is not working properly


When using the "Undelete with related record" UI Action to restore a deleted record and its references, its related rollback context would be set to partially rolled back instead of rollback though all the records are recovered.


1. Login to OOB instance.
2. Delete any sys_user_group.
3. Notice the records will be created in sys_audit_delete and sys_rollback_context.
4. From sys_audit_delete, restore the records by using " Undelete with related".
5. Notice the state on rollback context:

It will be partially rolled back though all the records are restored. All the records in the sys_rollback_sequence for the rollback context will be marked to "Recovered = true".


Additional Information

Seems like this is a cosmetic error. If there is a rollback context for deletion, then performing the rollback using the rollback context is best suggested since it is more advanced and effective.