Configuring New AI search source to display in service portal


For any new search source to be displayed in service portal the following steps should be configured correctly.

  1. Indexed Source (AI) : Navigate to AI Search > Indexed Sources and verify if the indexed source has been indexed successfully the state should be "Indexed"
  2. For fields to get displayed in service portal verify if required fields have been mapped correctly. Detailed steps have been listed here
  3. Search Source (AI): Navigate to AI Search > Search Experience > Search SourcesĀ 
  4. Create a Search Source for the indexed source created in Step 1
  5. Link the new Search source created in Step 4 to the Search Profile of the Service Portal
  6. Publish the Search Profile again
  7. At this point if you navigate to service portal the newly created Search source renders results int his format

    This is where EVAM config comes in. EVAM(Entity View Action Mapper) which standardizes how to display search results in cards and lists.
    There are OOB configurations that are available to use and can be customized as need be.
  8. Navigate to EVAM > View Templates > Click on New
  9. Create a new EVAM Template based on the table fields(column_label) that needs to be displayed in Service Portal when Search results are returned
  10. Navigate to EVAM > Configuration Bundles > In this case Service Portal Search Bundle
  11. Click on New EVAM View Configs
  12. Link the EVAM Template created in Step 9
  13. Map Table Fields and Custom Fields for the Search Source(Step 4)

  14. The Search Results(Step 7) can be now be refreshed and the expected view is rendered.