Error messages on Employee Center Portal after upgrading to Rome


After upgrading to Rome, error messages similar to the below ones can be seen on the ESC portal when a case is opened from My cases.


Release or Environment

Rome and above


The error messages seen on the ESC portal point to the following items:

Widget 'HRM Case Info'

In line 103 of its server script, it calls:
var ettr = new sn_hr_core.hr_CaseAjax().getERTValueEmployee(data.parentCaseId);

which points to Script Include 'hr_CaseAjax':


Script Include 'hr_CaseAjax' might have been customized and skipped during the last upgrades; therefore it is missing the 'getERTValueEmployee' method:

Go ahead and either revert the Script Include 'hr_CaseAjax' to OOB or incorporate your customizations into the latest store version of the same.