Export Settings Button Missing from Reports in the New UI


The "Export Settings" option on the report is not available for the current UI. This is only available on the classic UI which our newer customers won't have access to unless they modify the system property glide.ui.report.old_report_builder and set it to true.

*** The "Export Setting" option is pivotal for many features such as applying header/footer template to reports. The product documentation in https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/newyork-performance-analytics-and-reporting/page/use/reporting/concept/c_PDFPageHeaderFooterTemplates.html tells the customers that this is only available through the classic UI which some of our customers do not have the default access to.

Steps to Reproduce

0) On new instance, go to View / Run
1) Create new report
2) Observe that there are no options for the "Export Settings"


This functionality is available in Classic UI. As a workaround, to apply the template to the PDF output of any report, you must do so from the Report Builder (Classic UI).

1. Click the "Save" button dropdown

2. Select "Export Settings"

3. A pop-up appears, select the desired Header Footer Template. 

4. Hit "Close" and Save the report

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