Discovery logs shows warning message - Host hosted on cloud environment has been detected, but no matched cloud object found


When you run a Horizontal Discover on Windows Servers Hosted in Azure cloud you may get the following warnings in the discovery logs:

Release or Environment

All current supported releases.


This warning is expected if you have not set up and run a successful Azure cloud discovery.  A properly set up Azure cloud discovery will create cloud virtual machine instance records.  When you run a Horizontal discovery for a Windows Server hosted on an Azure Cloud, discovery will try to search for an existing Azure VM instance record in the CMDB,  If it does not find any record you will see the warning message in discovery logs.


Set up Azure cloud discovery. Please follow the instructions found on our document site here. If you don't want to set up Azure cloud discovery and prefer not to see the warnings, please set the system property "glide.discovery.discover_azure_host_metadata" to false.  This property controls if you want to discover Azure metadata.  If the property does not exist, please create it and set the value to false.  The property is listed on our document site here.