2 "Microsoft" or publishers shown in the License Workbench


In the License Workbench, when you filter the Publisher to a specific one. E.g "Microsoft", then you see 2 "Microsoft" publisher cards.



Release or Environment



Check the "Software Subscriptions" list and check the Publisher mapped to the Microsoft-related records.

Notice the "Publisher" is mapped to the incorrect core_company record.

The reason of these data could be that at one time, Microsoft in samp_sw_publisher table is mapped to the incorrect Microsoft ("sys_id") in core_company table, and later was changed to the correct Microsoft ("sys_id") core company.


1. Run the fix script below and replace the "incorrect publisher sys_id" and "correct publisher sys_id" with the related sys_id.

var gr = new GlideMultipleUpdate('samp_sw_subscription');
gr.addQuery('publisher', 'incorrect publisher sys_id');
gr.setValue('publisher', 'correct publisher sys_id');

2. Run the reconciliation again.

Additional Information


Please back up the list of "Software Subscriptions" that is mapped to the incorrect publisher sys id.

Always test this first in a non-production instance before applying it to the Production instance.