Automation Discovery > Discovery Reports failing to run due to missing required roles for sharedservice.worker user


Discovery Reports from Automation Discovery failing to run


Most Probable Cause: sharedservice.worker user missing roles to access the machine learning server to run the report


To submit trainings to the machine learning server you require the sharedservice.worker user to have the following roles :

Confirm that the activation has successfully created a sharedservice.worker user.
The two Predictive Intelligence plugins utilize this user for training your ML solutions.
Note: The sharedservice.worker user includes the following roles:
These roles are required to create, train, and view solutions. These roles are internal and not meant to be edited or assigned to other users.

To add the roles repair the Predictive Intelligence plugin :

1) Go to plugins > click/edit Predictive Intelligence
2) Go to related links and click on activate/repair

Confirm roles were added. Create Discovery Report and run again