How to send a notification to all available agents on workspace at the same time for a new chat.


Recently, we have been getting a lot of questions, on how can we have notifications sent to all the available agents on the workspace, for a new incoming chat.

Some of the user cases we came across are:

  1. Some agents might miss the chat notification, and it might breach the SLA to respond to a chat message.
  2. The agents might face network connectivity issues, because of which they will not be able to respond to chat messages on time.

The use cases can now differ based on the requirements.

Release or Environment

All supported releases.


Below are the configuration changes that you need to do in order to send notifications to all the agents at the same time.

  1. Create a notification trigger as shown below in the screenshot.

  2. Under the Content related list, click on New Provider Content

  3. Select Workspace and give the values as:

Additional Information

Now coming to the agent's side there are some configurations that need to be done on the workspace as well.

  1. The agent has to navigate to the workspace and open the inbox.
  2. Click on the gearbox and enabled the options:
    • Inbox Desktop Notifications
    • Conversation Desktop Notifications
  3. Once this is done, clear the browser cache, and instance cache.

Now, whenever a new chat comes in, they would get a notification like this which will flash in the center of the workspace.

Now we also need to keep in mind some limitations here, which we can overcome by customization of the instance:

1. The users who will be receiving the notification have to be explicitly mentioned in the Recipients section in the notification trigger. Please refer to the first screenshot.

2. Now adding every user manually is a tedious job.

3. We also have a field below the User field - Recipients in fields

To send notifications to multiple users without adding them manually, you need to play around with this field.

Simple customization here would be to:

Additionally, we also need to remember that:

You can also refer to the product doc here - Set up a notification in workspace