Zoom Notify Connector: Major Incident Management's (MiM)  Incident Communication Task timer starts, even if there is a zoom failure


It has been observed that with the following scenario, the Incident Communication Task timer starts  

1. Create Major Incident (eg create Incident, set it to Priority 1, Promote to Major Incident)
2. Open it in Workbench
3. Click on the Conference tab (there should be one Incident Communication Task present)
4. Simulate a Zoom outage (for example, entering incorrect credentials)
5. Click on Start call

At this stage, an error message would be displayed. This will vary depending on the failure.
What is noted though is that the Incident Communication Timer has started.

Release or Environment




The timer actually starts when the Incident Communication Task is created.

It shows how much time you have before you are starting the conference.

So, in a failed authorization scenario as well, the timer should start.