Dynamic Translation is failing with 403 error when using Google Translation spoke


When you try to translate English to your local language using Google translator spoke it fails with an error 403 and the error is "Cloud IAM permission 'cloudtranslate.generalModels.predict' denied"

Release or Environment



This is an issue from Google side where the required role for service account is missing


Steps to Reproduce: [/code]
- Go to action called "Translate text to Single Language and click on the test
- provide text in English and try to convert it to any language you would like to by using language code


- We are seeing error when trying to execute the direct action

ERROR: Cloud IAM permission 'cloudtranslate.generalModels.predict' denied

- so based upon the above error it seems that the issue is from the Google side and not from ServiceNow
- In order to resolve the issue please reach out to Google cloud support
- same issue is discussed in this google community
- this can be resolve by adding the "Cloud Translation API User" role in the service account from IAM