Transferred HR Case is associated to an open Interaction in error


If you have an Interaction record open in Workspace, and click "Transfer Case" on a separate HR Case, the transferred case is associated in error to the interaction.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Install the following plugins
- com.glide.interaction.awa
- com.sn_hr_core
- com.agent_workspace

2. Open the sn_hr_core_case table and copy the case number for a record that's not Closed
3. Open the Workspace
4. Click the "+" button to open a new Interaction record. Fill out the form with any values and Save. Do not close this record.
5. From the Global Search textbox, paste the number copied from Step 2 and hit enter.
6. With the HR Case open now, click "Transfer Case". Select any HR Service on the modal window and click OK.
7. The transferred case will open as a sub-tab of the Interaction from Step 4. If you view the Details tab for the Interaction you'll notice in the Work Notes that it's been asscoiated to the HR Case.
8. Back from UI 16, view the interaction_related_record table and notice there's been a record inserted to associated the HR case and Interaction. An interaction_related_record Record is inserted if you have any Interaction open from the Workspace and you do a case transfer.


This issue is caused by a UI action that closes the current tab in Workspace and opens the transferred case in a sub tab of an interaction which causes an event to fire that associates the interaction with the transferred case. A workaround is open the transferred in the sub tab of the current case rather than closing it.

1. Navigate to HR Cases

2. Open the UI Action "Transfer Case" for HR Case

3. Remove the line of code: g_aw.closeRecord();

Related Problem: PRB1506910