Not able to submit an Order guide from portal, this issue is observed after the installation of "AWS Service Management Connector" plugin


In the Service Portal, when trying to place a request for an order guide after entering values for the order guide variables and clicking 'Next', the items do not get displayed.

Following error message is observed in the console, irrespective of whether custom or OOB widget is used by the order guide page.

js_includes_sp_libs.jsx?v=06-22-2021_1726&lp=Fri_Jul_23_11_54_48_PDT_2021&c=16_320:5938 Error: [$compile:ctreq] Controller 'uibAccordionGroup', required by directive 'uibAccordionHeading', can't be found!$compile/ctreq?p0=uibAccordionGroup&p1=uibAccordionHeading
at js_includes_sp_libs.jsx?v=06-22-2021_1726&lp=Fri_Jul_23_11_54_48_PDT_2021&c=16_320:33
at getControllers (js_includes_sp_libs.jsx?v=06-22-2021_1726&lp=Fri_Jul_23_11_54_48_PDT_2021&c=16_320:4008)
at nodeLinkFn (js_includes_sp_libs.jsx?v=06-22-2021_1726&lp=Fri_Jul_23_11_54_48_PDT_2021&c=16_320:3950)
at compositeLinkFn (js_includes_sp_libs.jsx?v=06-22-2021_1726&lp=Fri_Jul_23_11_54_48_PDT_2021&c=16_320:3444)
at nodeLinkFn (js_includes_sp_libs.jsx?v=06-22-2021_1726&lp=Fri_Jul_23_11_54_48_PDT_2021&c=16_320:3942)
at compositeLinkFn (js_includes_sp_libs.jsx?v=06-22-2021_1726&lp=Fri_Jul_23_11_54_48_PDT_2021&c=16_320:3444)
at publicLinkFn (js_includes_sp_libs.jsx?v=06-22-2021_1726&lp=Fri_Jul_23_11_54_48_PDT_2021&c=16_320:3367)
at lazyCompilation (js_includes_sp_libs.jsx?v=06-22-2021_1726&lp=Fri_Jul_23_11_54_48_PDT_2021&c=16_320:3602)
at boundTranscludeFn (js_includes_sp_libs.jsx?v=06-22-2021_1726&lp=Fri_Jul_23_11_54_48_PDT_2021&c=16_320:3457)
at controllersBoundTransclude (js_includes_sp_libs.jsx?v=06-22-2021_1726&lp=Fri_Jul_23_11_54_48_PDT_2021&c=16_320:3985)

Release or Environment

Instance with "AWS Service Management Connector" plugin installed.


`AWS Service Management Connector` plugin is installing `angularBootstrap` -> version 2.5.6 via UI script ->`x_126749_aws_sc.angularBootstrap` which is causing the issue.
Our default version of angularjs is 1.5.11 and the way we use uib-accordian has changed in version -> 2.x.x. We are not sure why version 2.x.x is being installed with `AWS Service Management Connector`. But, there is a workaround available to fix above error message provided in the Resolution section below.


Workaround is to just add a 'div' tag to the place where we use `uib-accordion-group`. Earlier 'uib-accordion-group' directive was used as an element tag, but with version 2.x.x it can ONLY be used as an attribute.

The workaround should look like this:
1. Edit the Order guide widget
2. In 'Body HTML template' search for `uib-accordion-group` you will find a tag with this. It will look something like
some stuff
3. Make it a div tag and make `uib-accordion-group` as an attribute, something like below
<div uib-accordion-group>
some stuff

Additional Information