Error Returned Trying to Download New Document Versions From Unified Compliance Integration.


Having a UCF integration and trying to update the latest controls from UCF returns the following error on UI screen:

"The selected Shared List does not match the existing Authority Document list. Select a different Shared List or update the existing Shared List."



One possible cause for this issue, other than the specified in ServiceNow documentation, is having set system property 'glide.attachment.extensions' and not including the extension .json in the list.

The 'UCFDownloaderBase' Script Includes is trying to save the contents downloaded from UCF as an attachment before processing. This document's extension is .json (*). If the extension is not in the list of allowed attachment extensions, the document will fail to be attached.

(*) Starting from GRC:Compliance UCF - v11.0.0 (Paris Q4).


1. List all system properties ( sys_properties table).
2. Find property named: 'glide.attachment.extensions'
3. In the property value, add to the list the file extension 'json':

For example:

add json:

4. Save the property.

This will allows the download if the cause was the missing extension.