Confluence Cloud Integration Profile Link Missing


When setting up a SaaS Integration Profile following steps outlined in "Integrating with Confluence Cloud", you cannot find the Confluence Cloud Integration Profile from the choice list. 

The Procedure section on "Integrating with Confluence Cloud" outlines the step to create the integration profile:

From your ServiceNow instance, navigate to SaaS License > Administration > Direct Integration Profiles and then click New.
Select Confluence Cloud Integration Profile.

But you cannot find the Confluence profile from the choice list:

Release or Environment

All current release from Quebec


The Confluence SaaS Integration is part of a store release and was introduced from version 4.0.0.  In this case, the current store application version installed in the instance is 2.0.0.  Please refer to the product release notes here.


Store Applications are not normally included in your Instance platform upgrades. These applications needs to be manually updated. Please check this link about how to update Store Applications. Search for "Software Asset Management - SaaS License Management Integrations", there may be two records, please choose the one where it indicates "Store" in the lower right-hand corner. Choose any version from 4.0.0 Q to 5.0.2 Q. Then click update.

Note this may apply to other Integration Profiles that are missing.  Always check the release notes here.