Subflow stages not rendering when main flow is published while using a foreign language


When a main flow is using the Workflow-driven or Linear stage renderers, and the main flow is published by a user in a foreign language, the subflow's stages may not be included in the stage icon display.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Enable a foreign language i18n plugin (i.e. Japanese).
2. Create a workflow that will be the subflow, make sure it sets a stage and publish it.
3. Create workflow on sc_req_item that will be the parent flow, add the subflow. Set a stage on the Begin Activity and publish it.
4. Create a new catalog item and set its Workflow to the main flow.
5. Switch to Japanese.
5. Open and re-publish the main flow.
6. Switch to English (if preferred).
7. Order the cat item created in step 4.
5. Open the sc_req_item list view. Only the gating approval stage is shown.


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The workaround is to remove the sys_translated_text record for the Workflow activity field:
1 - Go to the sys_translated_text.list view.
2 - Filter the list to Table name = wf_activity_definition, Field name = name, and value = "Workflow" (tablename=wf_activity_definition^fieldname=name^value=Workflow).
3 - Exactly one record for each language that has a translation for that name should be found. Delete the record for any language that a user may publish the flow from.

The side-effect of deleting this record is that the Workflow Editor and Context diagram will only be able to show the English name "Workflow" in the header of subflow activities instead of the translation of "Workflow" in the current language. Once the instance is upgraded to a patched version these records can be restored or recreated.

Related Problem: PRB1503769