SNMP OID, Discovered as "Network Multi-PDL Printer Board-D1/H1", is actually used by many different families and models of Canon Multi-function printer


SNMP Classification OID record is used by whole families of Canon Multi-function printers. This OID record causes them all to be Model "Network Multi-PDL Printer Board-D1/H1" regardless of the true family/model.

Standard Network Printer
Printer [cmdb_ci_printer]
Network Multi-PDL Printer Board-D1/H1

This OID is used in at least the following models:

imageRUNNER1133 series
iPR C165
iPR C750-G100
iPR C800-F200
iPR C910
iR C1325
iR-ADV 500
iR-ADV 4235
iR-ADV 6265
iR-ADV 8505
iR-ADV C256
iR-ADV C3325
iR-ADV C3330
iR-ADV C355
iR-ADV C5045
iR-ADV C5051
iR-ADV C5235
iR-ADV C5240
iR-ADV C5250
iR-ADV C5255
iR-ADV C5255-B2
iR-ADV C5535
iR-ADV C5540
iR-ADV C5550
iR-ADV C5550-P1
iR-ADV C5560
iR-ADV C5560 III
iR-ADV C5735
iR-ADV C5760
iR-ADV C5870
iR-ADV C7260
iR-ADV C7260-A2
iR-ADV C7270
iR-ADV C7280
iR-ADV C7280-A2
iR-ADV C7565-N1
iR-ADV C7570
iR-ADV C7570-N1
iR-ADV C7580
iR-ADV C7580 III
iR-ADV C7580-N1
iR-ADV C7765
iR-ADV C7780
iR-ADV C9280-A2
MF410 Series
MF420 Series
MF6100 Series
MF720C Series
MF8500C Series

Steps to Reproduce

Discover a Canon printer with OID

Actual Behaviour:
The Printer CI will be created with Model "Network Multi-PDL Printer Board-D1/H1", which will 99% of the time be wrong.

Expected Behaviour:
Either the make/model needs to be extracted from the other OID data, such as sysDesc, or no model name entered in this OID.

All sysDesc OIDs take this form:

<system oid="">
<sysName oid="" type="SnmpOctetString">xxxxx</sysName>
<sysDescr oid="" type="SnmpOctetString">Canon iR1025 /P</sysDescr>
<sysObjectID oid="" type="SnmpObjectId">.</sysObjectID>


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As a workaround to prevent the wrong Model being set, the OID record for can be deactivated. Don't delete that record, or the next patch/hotfix will just put it back again.

We have no workaround for thelack of Model entered in the CI. This would require a custom probe/senor to parse sysDesc.

Related Problem: PRB1509705