Discovery device Duplicate IP's feature fails when the first IP fails to classify but second IP that should classify gets marked as duplicate


When two IPs are in the same schedule. The first IP fails to classify using HTTPClassyProbe and the second IP that should classify gets marked as duplicate and gets this message "Identified, ignored extra IP, now finished".

Steps to Reproduce

-One Linux (or windows OS) device with multiple nic cards and and unique IP for each.
-Linux server 1, Eth0 = (management IP), Eth1 =
-Each IP has the following ports open: = 22 = 80 (22 is not going to be opened)
-Sometime run a quick discovery on management IP - Creates/Updates CI
-Put both IPs in a discovery schedule where the instance is configured for duplicate IP optimization.
-Run the schedule such that is scanned first. This will only trigger the HTTPClassy probe and fail to update CI.
-Later in the schedule will be scanned and run the appropriate Unix Classify probe, but this will fail to update the CI and trigger additional probes for discovery and is marked as a
Duplicate IP in the discovery schedule.
-This is problematic because devices can have multiple IPs and we need to successfully discover the device (create/update) in the schedule before marking other IPs associated with that
device as a duplicate IP


See further regression PRB1444252/KB0864444 Discovery hangs after upgrading to Paris when scanning multiple IP addresses of the same device in the same schedule if classify probes or identity probes/patterns are not successful

Related Problem: PRB1387976