On click of External Link content item Card from SP opens the link twice


Content Items (external content) from SC Category Page widget are opening links in 2 browser tabs.

Steps to Reproduce

1.Go to any Quebec instance with Service Portal.
2.Ensure that your pop-up is allowed in the browser settings of your browser.
3.Navigate to catalog item tiles using as page say sc_home.
4.Click on any content item of type = external content & target = new window/tab, which has the ➚ mark beside them.

Expected Result:
The external link should open only once

Actual Result:
The external link opens twice


As a temporary fix, you need to block the browser pops for the instance on the browse site settings, so that the links are opened only on 1 tab.
Users can right-click on the external link cards on the categories page which has the ➚ mark beside them and select open in a new tab.

Related Problem: PRB1477050