Adding additional time zones to the user preference 'Time zone' list


How to add Time Zones that do not come included in the user preference 'Time zome' dropdown.

ServiceNow only supports the Java-supported timezones. Please review the doc below.

Time zones


If you need to add a timezone that does not exist.  You will need to find an existing timezone in the choices of the sys_user.time_zone field and update the Label.


Example: Let's say you want to add Pakistan (which is GMT+5) to the user preference dropdown list.  You will need to go to the choices of the sys_user.time_zone field and find an existing timezone record which is in the GMT+5 timezone (Antarctica/Mawson is the same timezone as Pakistan (GMT+5)).  In this case, the Antarctica/Mawson timezone is in the same timezone as Pakistan.  You have two options.

1.  You can rename the Label of Antarctica/Mawson to Pakistan (be sure to keep the Value field the same, do not change the Value field, leave it as Antarctica/Mawson because this is the supported java time).

2.  Or, you can create a new record just like Antarctica/Mawson and update the Label for the new record to Pakistan (this way you would have a timezone for Antarctica/Mawson and Pakistan).