Catalog Task activity hangs when dragged into the Workflow Editor, or times out


In the workflow editor when the Catalog Task activity is dragged into the workflow editor, the browser hangs and sometimes it eventually times out.


When a workflow is set to the [sc_req_item] table, but not yet associated with a catalog item the following query is made:

TABLENAME = item_option_new ENCODED_QUERY = name!=NULL^variable_set=NULL^ORvariable_set.type=one_to_one
table list view:

If this query contains millions of variables, Workflow Editor will stall while trying to get the "Catalog Task Activity" ready on the editor. The query is return all possible variables.


To prevent this from occurring, associated the workflow to a catalog item. When the Catalog Activity is dragged into the editor the query will only return the cat item's variables