Reports on the [group_resource_aggregate_monthly] Table are not showing the 'Availability'


When creating a Custom Report on the [group_resource_aggregate_monthly] Table you are seeing that it does not display any 'Availability' when using certain Filters.


This is the expected behaviour of Reporting and is happening as a result of the Filter which you are using for the Report.

If you are using a Filter which is not matching any of the 'Availability' Records in the [group_resource_aggregate_monthly] Table then the Report will not be expected to display the 'Availability'.

It will only display the information for the Records which are retrieved in the Query as defined by the Filter you are using.


To resolve this issue you will need to modify your Report Filter to ensure that it is getting the Records which you want to display in your Report.

You can navigate to the [group_resource_aggregate_monthly] Table and enter the same Query which is being used in the Filter to validate that it is retrieving the expected results.

If the Query does not get the expected results. Then you should test changing this until it is retrieving the appropriate data.