File ILDisassembler is missing in the .NET Application Pattern


.NET Application Pattern is missing ILDisassembler file

See attached screenshot

Steps to Reproduce

- Go to the Discovery Patterns table and then enter the '.NET Application' pattern
- Go to the identification section for 'Identification for HTTP(S), TCP'
- Once the designer loads, go to the 'put disassembler' step.
- Notice the error of file missing.


This is an expected scenario and the actual file behind that is needed is "ildasm.exe" which is a disassembler file provided by Microsoft. It should be downloaded from internet and upload under "Uploaded Files" menu with record entry as "ILDisassembler" per the steps explained in the Put File Operation Step.

Post this the discovery can be run.


Below is one method to download it from Microsoft Official Website:

1> Open URL below to Windows SDK portal

2> Download and run the installer on a Windows host

3> At select feature screen, select only the .NET Framework x.x Software Development Kit feature, then install

4> Once installed, navigate to below path to find the exe file:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v10.0A\bin\NETFX x.x Tools\ildasm.exe

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