In Agent workspace, 'New' button under the child cases related list is not working as expected on the extended tables.


In Agent workspace,  'New' button under the child cases related list is creating a case on parent table instead of extended child table.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Login any OOB instance with Paris or any other versions
2. Go to sys_db_object.LIST and mark the Extensible checkbox under the controls tab for the Incident table.
3. Create a new table by extended the Incident in PlatformUI.
4. Now Navigate to Agent workspace.
5. Create List view on created table from the My LISTs tab
6. Now Click on the New button on table list view
7. Click on configure page available on user profile located on right top and select the configure form layout
8. Create a form layout with New view name called "Workspace" and Add Few field like Number, Description etc. to form
9 Similar configure the related list 'child cases' to the form.
10. create a record on configured form
11. Go to the Child cases sub tab on created record and Click on the New button
12. Observe that the record is getting created on the Incident table instead of the child table

Note:This behaviour is observed on extending all other tables as well.


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