System Clone always disables email sending/receiving in the target instance


Post the clone, email properties are always getting disabled in the target instance even after deactivating the clone cleanup script "disable emails" in both the source and target instances.

Steps to Reproduce

1> Disable/deactivate the clone cleanup script "Disable emails" in the source instance

2> Set the below properties to true in both the source and target instances

3> Schedule the clone

4> Post the clone check in the target instance and the above properties will be set to 'false'


This issue is under investigation and our development team is working on this issue for the cause and fix.

Please follow the below workaround until the issue gets fixed permanently.

1) create a new post clone script on source and target:
Script name: Enable email

2) Add the below logic in the script and save the cleanup script and ensure, it is activated to run.

gs.setProperty("", true);
gs.setProperty("", true);

Post the clone completion, the email properties will be set true.

Related Problem: PRB1502370