User with role "sn_customerservice_agent" can not create account


Current document states Create customer accounts

Role required for creating a customer account :  sn_customerservice_agent, sn_customerservice_manager, or admin

However, a customerservice agent cannot create account, does not get an option.

Is this expected or bug?


Working as per design.


"Create" operation ACL for the Accounts [customer_account] : /

only lists the"sn_customerservice_manager" role.

Consequently, users granted the "sn_customerservice_agent" role will not have the ability to create new Accounts.

Same behavior exists OOB too. 
Doc correction request - DOC131667 is raised to correct this portion of documentation.

Note you can add the "sn_customerservice_agent" role to the ACL if you would like these users to have the ability to create Accounts.
However, as a best practice you should avoid doing so.Refer this really nice community article explaining why -