TeamSpace admins are unable to add or create stakeholders on a TeamSpace project


Project Managers and TeamSpace PPS Admins are unable to create/adding stakeholders. The UI Actions "Create New" and "Add Existing" do not show.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Login an instance with Teamspace enabled.
2) Impersonate a user with role tsp1_project_manager.
3) Open any project record within teamspace.
4) Scroll down to 'Stakeholder' related list. Notice the "Create New" and "Add Existing" UI Actions are missing.


1) Open pm_m2m_project_stakeholder ( sys_id = a491c7410bc20300b7d0c32c15673af0 ).

2) Go to Required roles.

3) Change "it_project_manager" to "project_manager" and save.

Related Problem: PRB1475695