Quebec Condition Builder v2 has unnecessary horizontal scrollbar


After upgrading to Quebec, an unnecessary horizontal scrollbar is rendered on the Condition Builder V2.

Steps to Reproduce

1- Open an existing Incident record

2- On the tool bar select Config -> Form Layout

3- Add section and field

- Locate the 'Form view and section' area
- Under the Section select 'New', provide a name for as caption
- On the left hand side 'Create new field' provide a Name and choice type 'Condition'
- Click Add button to add the new field, you will see the Name displayed in Selected box.
- Verify that after save the new section is displayed under incident form
- Change the tab to newly created session

4- Configure Dictionary

- Right click the field name and select 'Configure Dictionary'
- Make sure check change view to 'Advanced view'
- Navigate to 'Dependent Field' and check 'Use dependent field'
- Select 'Caller' or any dependency from the table
- Put 'condition_builder=v2' into the Attributes field
- Save the dictionary record

5- Open the incident record again and locate the newly created session. Notice a long horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the form.


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The workaround is to use the default condition builder:



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