OIDC authorization is success, but logged out.


Using OIDC authorization, it is successfully accepted and IdP provides the access token information. The SNOW does not accept the login, then logged out, after the authorization by IdP.


Modified system property "glide.guest.session_timeout" to "0" minutes.


We configure the expiration time of the [multisso_request_parameter] record based on "glide.guest.session_timeout" property or default expiration of 30 minutes.

Change the value back to default 30 mins:

Additional Information

Below is a link to the document for more detail about the property "glide.guest.session_timeout":
Available system properties

Name : glide.guest.session_timeout
Description: Sets the session timeout for a guest session, in minutes.
Note: This setting decouples a guest session timeout from the glide.ui.session_timeout property. Any changes to the glide.ui.session_timeout property do not affect a guest session timeout.
Type: integer
Default value: 30
Location: System Property [sys_properties] table